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Nicola is a practising accountant and Director of The Pay Pod Limited.

The Living Wage UK – What Is It All About?

With all of the changes coming this April with the National Living Wage, chances are you probably have some questions. Why is this necessary? How will it affect my business? Am I really going to have to redo my entire payroll? Let us fill you in! Right now there are more than 6 million jobs in the [...]

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HMRC Marriage Allowance – Do Your Employees Know About It?

HMRC provides many tax allowances to businesses and their employees, and a recent addition applies to those employees who are married.  Many employers and employees are not aware of the HMRC Marriage Allowance, and employers could become very popular with their staff by bringing it to their attention. If a business has employees who earn between [...]

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Do You Know Your Automatic Enrolment Staging Date?

If you run a business, you have probably read about or been approached about Auto-Enrolment, a mandatory scheme for all employers to ensure that their employees are part of a workplace pensions scheme by 2018. But do you know your business's automatic enrolment staging date? Click here for a handy tool to help you! Auto-Enrolment has [...]

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