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2503, 2016

UK Living Wage Payroll Process Changes

At a time when it is more economically crucial than ever to make sure that your business is sailing smoothly, you don’t have time to completely revamp your payroll activities. Your day consists of an endless torrent of decisions that need to be made, and time both on and off [...]

1803, 2016

Employee Changes With The New Living Wage

Photo courtesy of The initial adjustment with the UK’s new Living Wage for employees over the age of 25 is significant – fifty pence an hour to be precise. That kind of change has a lot more weight than some extra coins in your pocket though, and [...]

1103, 2016

Employer Changes With The New Living Wage

At this point you’ve heard a lot about the upcoming Living Wage changes in April, but you still may be unsure of how this change will impact your business personally. Here’s a quick rundown of how these changes will affect employers. The Basics The obvious part of all this is [...]

403, 2016

The Living Wage UK – What Is It All About?

With all of the changes coming this April with the National Living Wage, chances are you probably have some questions. Why is this necessary? How will it affect my business? Am I really going to have to redo my entire payroll? Let us fill you in! Right now there are more than [...]

106, 2015

Offenders Named And Shamed For Failing To Pay National Minimum Wage

HMRC has published the names of 70 businesses that have failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage. Common problems are caused by errors in failing to recognise when a worker moves between rates because of a birthday. This particularly affects those on apprentice rates. The adult rate for those [...]

405, 2015

HMRC Marriage Allowance – Do Your Employees Know About It?

HMRC provides many tax allowances to businesses and their employees, and a recent addition applies to those employees who are married.  Many employers and employees are not aware of the HMRC Marriage Allowance, and employers could become very popular with their staff by bringing it to their attention. If a business [...]

604, 2015

Do You Know Your Automatic Enrolment Staging Date?

If you run a business, you have probably read about or been approached about Auto-Enrolment, a mandatory scheme for all employers to ensure that their employees are part of a workplace pensions scheme by 2018. But do you know your business's automatic enrolment staging date? Click here for a handy tool [...]

203, 2015

Employer Relief on National Insurance 2015/16

Do you or your business employ any staff aged 21 or under? If so, we have good news for you. Reductions in National Insurance (NI) contributions for your 21-year-old and younger staff took effect at the start of this tax year. This was introduced by the Government to encourage businesses [...]

202, 2015

Workplace Pension Penalties Issued

The workplace pension scheme is here to stay.  It is not anything like other schemes that have been half-heartedly introduced in days gone by. It is compulsory.  Every employee must be placed in a workplace pension scheme.  This is why it is known as Auto-Enrolment.  If employees wish to opt out, [...]

512, 2014

What does the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement mean for Employers?

The full budget statement can be read by clicking this link.  In this article, we have attempted to pick out pertinent points that would be of interest to small employers.  Note that the information and links below are correct at the time of writing. Personal tax-free allowance The government announced [...]

2811, 2014

Christmas Parties, Gifts and Tax Allowances

Employers who want to provide gifts to employees should be aware that these are taxable. Cash presents, such as Christmas bonuses or vouchers redeemable for cash, attract Income Tax and National Insurance contributions that must be paid through the PAYE system. The alternative for employers who want to give, but [...]

1311, 2014

Pension Changes – An Introduction to Workplace Pensions

By 2018, around 1.35 million employers will be required to automatically enrol their workers on workplace pension schemes.  The pension changes are being phased in over a number of years and will see pension contributions shared between employees, employers and the government. The Pensions Regulator has been overseeing monthly staging [...]

511, 2014

Payroll Outsourcing

With the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto-Enrolment there is no better time to consider payroll outsourcing.  Below are 10 factors to consider: 1. Cost Big businesses can afford to maintain big payroll departments.  For small businesses, however, an in-house payroll service is a money burner.  If your [...]