Employee Changes With The New Living Wage

Photo courtesy of flickr.com The initial adjustment with the UK’s new Living Wage for employees over the age of 25 is significant – fifty pence an hour to be precise. That kind of change has a lot more weight than some extra coins in your pocket though, and we’ll tell you why. Better [...]

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The Living Wage UK – What Is It All About?

With all of the changes coming this April with the National Living Wage, chances are you probably have some questions. Why is this necessary? How will it affect my business? Am I really going to have to redo my entire payroll? Let us fill you in! Right now there are more than 6 million jobs in the [...]

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HMRC Marriage Allowance – Do Your Employees Know About It?

HMRC provides many tax allowances to businesses and their employees, and a recent addition applies to those employees who are married.  Many employers and employees are not aware of the HMRC Marriage Allowance, and employers could become very popular with their staff by bringing it to their attention. If a business has employees who earn between [...]

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Employer Relief on National Insurance 2015/16

Do you or your business employ any staff aged 21 or under? If so, we have good news for you. Reductions in National Insurance (NI) contributions for your 21-year-old and younger staff took effect at the start of this tax year. This was introduced by the Government to encourage businesses to employ more young people [...]

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How The Pay Pod can help you, and how it benefited from the Green Shoots grant scheme.

The Pay Pod is a specialist payroll bureau that has been set up to help businesses and accountants eliminate the stress of Real-Time Information (RTI) and Auto-Enrolment (AE). RTI has been in place since April 2013 and requires employers to submit their PAYE data to HMRC electronically via the internet in real-time every time their [...]

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Christmas Parties, Gifts and Tax Allowances

Employers who want to provide gifts to employees should be aware that these are taxable. Cash presents, such as Christmas bonuses or vouchers redeemable for cash, attract Income Tax and National Insurance contributions that must be paid through the PAYE system. The alternative for employers who want to give, but without a tax charge attached, [...]

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