Offenders Named And Shamed For Failing To Pay National Minimum Wage

HMRC has published the names of 70 businesses that have failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage. Common problems are caused by errors in failing to recognise when a worker moves between rates because of a birthday. This particularly affects those on apprentice rates. The adult rate for those aged 21 and above is presently £6.50 per hour and is due to increase in October 2015. The other rates are £5.13 for 18-20-year-olds and £3.79 for under 18s (with special rates for apprentices). There are other things that may be taken into account, for example if accommodation is provided.

Offences range across the country and across the board, from underpayments of £37,000 to just £100. Imagine being named on a list like this for the sake of £100; it can destroy your professional credibility and you will, of course, be penalised regardless.

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In addition, we also are geared up to assist you to smoothly enter the workplace pension scheme known as Auto-Enrolment, which all businesses must enter into.

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Nicola Thomas
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