UK Living Wage Payroll Process Changes

Photo by flickr.comAt a time when it is more economically crucial than ever to make sure that your business is sailing smoothly, you don’t have time to completely revamp your payroll activities. Your day consists of an endless torrent of decisions that need to be made, and time both on and off the clock are precious commodities. Here at The Pay Pod, we want to highlight the biggest reasons why our payroll services can help you navigate the choppy waters ahead.

Change = Cost

Let’s face it, this is probably what business owners are the most worried about. Being forced to pay a new wage on a large percentage of their workers carries a cost that may be too intimidating to even think about. Implementation of a new pay scale alone is a massive task. Couple that with having to forecast and budget for the potential effects and having to continue running a business, and it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed. What many small business owners don’t know is that outsourced payroll services can actually help you save money, and at a time when cash is king it’s worth considering outsourcing this time consuming activity.

Legal Issues

By necessity a business owner has to wear many hats, often simultaneously. Chances are, legal expert is not one of them. With the rollout of the new living wage, government regulation and scrutiny on businesses will be higher than ever before, and it’s important to know that you aren’t unintentionally breaking the law. You need to make sure you’re managing your costs and employees legally, and a payroll service can help eliminate potential errors on the backend of running your company. Accuracy and accountability are enormous factors here, and you don’t want to be alone when the government comes knocking at your door.

We Can Help!

Let us make sure your company is up to date on its payroll needs. Despite what you may think, our services can mitigate the costs of your business by letting you focus on other important aspects of your day. You can expect fast, reliable, and secure work from us that will ease your mind and put money back where you want it. Trust us to help with all your payroll needs and we’ll save you time, money, and headache.

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